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ISBN # ISSN 1555496 vol. 37-04ED
March 2007
Midnight Showcase
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208 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Stir Fried Love

Hayley Sook Park has always played it safe by never going against her family's strict old world rules. She has decided to change that by going back to school and is very sure that she wants to have a relationship with Mark Arcand, her total opposite.

Mark has an instant attraction to Hayley and wants to get to know her better but she resists for a while. It might be over before it begins as a large problem looms between them.

These two people are very different yet seem to find a common ground that pulls them together. Sometimes the connection is instant, other times a bit slower. Haley and Mark must make personal choices in order for a relationship to work between them.

This is a sweet story that is well written with very likeable characters.

An Itsy Bitsy Spider Tale

Nicole Baylor finds herself in a very precarious situation; naked as a jaybird, running for her life from a spider straight into the new neighbor's arms.

Terry Slade never expected to meet the love of his life when a strange woman in hysterics crashed into him.

After the crisis, they feel that instant spark, only Nicole is not sure about breaking her rule to not date anyone but a brother. Terry feels he must do everything he can to convince her to follow her heart, not worry about the differences between them.

This is a humorous story that brings out the best in the characters. Even though they feel that instant connection, each has issues that they need to come to terms with. The biggest issue is fear itself. This is my personal favorite out of all these stories. I really liked this couple; they complemented each other nicely.


Terry Lee Derby is a hard working carpenter building a set of medical offices up north. He has noticed the boss’s daughter on more than one occasion and has decided he needs to meet her.

Sida Zhou’s parents are building that set of offices for her, only she does not want to be a doctor; she wants to be a marine biologist. She is afraid of disappointing her parents so she just goes along with it.

Terry feels he cannot in good conscience finish the job while Sida is so unhappy, but she must make the choice and stand up to her parents.

Throwing caution to the wind, this couple takes a jump into the unknown. However, there are decisions that must be made before they can make this relationship work. Sida and Terry complete each other. This story is a steamy pleasure to read. It has a wonderful underlying message of being true to yourself.

Tasty Temptations

Thela needs a vacation, so getting away from earth for a few days seems like heaven. She is meeting a friend for drinks, who stands her up. When she finds herself alone, she meets two alien men who peak more than her interest.

Jarik and Adaren are still hurting from their last mating disaster when they meet earthwoman Thela. Instantly attracted, they want to learn more about her; only she has a few tricks up her sleeve and they are in for the ride of their lives.

Two very different worlds collide; planetary as well as physical and emotional. This is a strange coupling but it works for this story. Showing that no matter the differences, even planetary love can be found.

This story is full of imagination that will delight the reader all the way through the whole story.

Callin’ The Shots

Vin is a rough and tough basketball player. He has money, fame, and girls, whatever he wants. Except they all want something from him and he fears that once the career is over no one will remember him. He buries those fears so deeply no one can see them.

Lanier is a very conservative reporter trying to work her way back up after a disastrous engagement. When she interviews Vin for a story, she connects with that buried side of him. Can she convince him to not put on a performance but be himself?

This is a very graphic read. Wow! Vin is a real bad boy that seems to be looking for someone to love him, and Lanier seems to be the woman for the job. Talk about two different worlds colliding.

This was a powerful, right to the point read with a couple that is larger than life, making for an enjoyable and steamy read.

Courting the Mountain-God

Syrenen, a thief-catcher, is following a criminal into the Qaxtin Mountains. These mountains are rumored to have ghosts and demons and many who venture there never return. But none of that bothers Syrenen; he has a job to finish.

The God, Changbei Shan, has ruled this mountain since being cast out of heaven for deeds he committed in a former time. Syrenen believes he was very fortunate to survive the mountain and meet Changbei Shan. He wants to convince Changbei Shan that it is now time to forgive and forget the past and to move forward so they can be together and be happy.

What a different couple this is. Not as a male/male, but as a human and a God. Theirs is a completely opposite connection if there ever was one.

This is a great twist on a love story, entertaining with just a bit of suspense thrown in the mix. A story that shows you are never too old to learn new ways.

Mélange is a collection of six stories, all different and easily enjoyable on their own. These stories bring more to the table as a collection with one common denominator; that love is more powerful than boundaries set by race, color, species, and others that seem to dictate what love should be. A powerful lesson throughout is to go with your heart and let that lead you towards your life’s desire. I would definitely recommend this great collection of short stories written by an awesome group of talented writers.

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