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ISBN- 9781607770602
December 1, 2008
Ravenous Romance
149 pages
Rating: 4 cups

The Special Gift

Kate receives a G.I. Joe doll dressed in denim shorts as a gift from her friend. When he apparently comes to life, what girl would complain?

This is a sweet and sultry story. There is a paranormal twist to it which really worked well.

Why’d It Have To Be Shorts?

Cecilia Thompson is picked to be her Anthropology 101 professor’s personal assistant on an upcoming dig. She has been fantasizing about Professor Garner’s large hands for the last six weeks. When the professor shows up for the dig in a pair of khaki shorts, Cecilia does not have a prayer.

I enjoyed the sexy professor adventure. A common fantasy, but the fertility room of the cave added a bit more spice.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Erik is recovering from a bad breakup. The leather shorts in the advertisement beckon to him. Purchasing the last pair in the store, he hurries home to try them on.

This story lives up to its title. A sizzling tale of self-love, this author knows how to turn up the heat.

Board Shorts

Kathleen, a.k.a. Jitterbug, is surfing one day with a group of guys she has surfed with since she was eleven. John Quinones is the crush Jitterbug has had since she was thirteen.

A chance encounter with an old crush is a classic. There is no romance and talk of happily ever after, just a one time thing.

Ranger Danger

Christine is on a trip with the Junior League to a nature conservatory. Ranger Tom Rafferty is the one giving the lecture. While it is a learning experience, all Christine can do is fantasize about the young man.

I enjoyed Ranger Tom’s wicked sense of humor. It just made him that much more appealing.

Coffee Break

Cindy is a no-nonsense marketing consultant. She is also lonely. Taking a break one evening, she notices the officer, Mike, directing traffic outside her office building. A quick coffee break leaves them both breathless.

I needed to catch my breath after this story. Ms. Lane writes in a way that is sure to cause your temperature to rise.

Laundry Day

A man comes home from football practice covered in mud and is intercepted at the front door by his woman.

A messy man with boyish charm strikes a chord with me. Ms. Champa tells a charming tale.

Try Him On For Size

Chloe is a clerk at an athletic shop. She is alone in the shop when Aidan comes in to try on bike shorts.

Ms. Sirls leaves nothing to the imagination, in a very good way.

What Counts Is How You Play The Game

Joe shows up to the softball game commando. It is only fair since the pitcher refuses to wear a bra. What happens on the field can effect what goes on off the field.

I do not think softball will ever look the same to me again. For that, I thank Ms. Woodlawn.

A Secret Night In Grouse Woods

A mysterious stranger gives a woman a black box lined with red silk. Inside is an invitation to a secret evening.

I thought this story was decadent and fun. The secret entertainment only heightens the reader’s experience.

Dirty Little Boxer Boy

Bob works at a local tanning salon. Rick is a doctor who needs to tan before his trip to Belize.

This story, too, lives up to its title. I do not think I will ever be able to use a tanning salon again without images of this tale coming to mind.

Special Delivery

Kara greets the mailman, Julian, wrapped in a black sheet after being rudely awakened on her day off.

Ms. Chase writes a story filled with such lovely descriptions. I thought this tale had the right touch of eroticism and romance.

Until Next Week

Instead of writing on a Saturday, Erin spends it fantasizing about the lawn guy.

I am not on board with the whole cheating part of this tale. The fantasizing side of it I can completely understand.

Sweet Savage

Roxanna Montane is the daughter of the St. Louis Savages’ coach. Her private notebook is missing and she would be embarrassed to know that the one man she desires, Tyson Friday, has it in his hands.

Having your secrets discovered is not always a bad thing. I liked the way Roxanna dealt with the embarrassment.

The double meaning of the title caught my attention from the start, short stories about Men In Shorts. It is amazing my heart is able to resume its normal rate after reading each and every tale. The authors are all very imaginative. Every story is good, with some better than most. There are only two m/m stories mixed in with the m/f tales, so those readers who are not fans of gay erotica will not be overwhelmed. I, however, enjoyed them right along with the straight erotica. Each author contributes a smoldering look into the sexy side of life.

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