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April 2005
Books for a Buck
557 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Jake Borenski wants to corner the market on a murky product, that is, until his captain learns what he is up to and decides to maroon him on a primitive planet. When he wakes up and discovers he is about to be sold into slavery with no useful skills of any kind, he is not a happy person. When his new boss puts him to work with his daughter, Jake is even more unhappy. In time, he finds himself fighting against warring nomads and enlisting help from others in an effort to help save the people he has started to care for.

When Castile’s father puts her to work beside Jake Borenski, she is not pleased. However, she eventually learns much more about him. She follows him through all the necessary battles that he goes through and soon finds herself having a slight crush on Jake, but can she ever get the man to look at her like a woman, when he keeps seeing her a child too young for him?

If you want to read a book with intrigue and action, this is the book for you. When Jake wondered whether she could last two minutes without asking a question, that put a smile on my face. When she brushed a kiss on his lips and left him dizzy, that was sweet.

Mr. Preece has a way of putting thought and detail in his story. He puts words on paper that bring the characters to life and he gives his characters heart. This was an enjoyable book to read, so if you enjoy science fiction novels, you will enjoy the Merchant Prince of Arcadia. I look forward to more books by Rob Preece.

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