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ISBN# 1555-5496
August, 2007
E-book, paperback
236 pages
IR/Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci Fi
Rating: 3 Cups

To Catch a Dream, Laura Kitchell

The human world has been unkind to Paul, making him feel unwelcome and unwanted. Little does he know that on the day he makes a life altering decision, his whole world will be turned upside down.

Sargo is a mermaid princess who must find her soul mate and marry him on her eighteenth birthday. She goes in search of her soul mate, who happens to be Paul.

The time has come for Paul to claim his birthright, and for the very first time in his life, he feels he has found where he belongs.

The characters are charming. The reader is easily pulled in to their lives to care about what happens to them. The world is well-built and the adorable sea animals bring their own joy to the book, enriching the experience of Ms. Kitchell’s story.

Somewhere Between Worlds, Susan Anthony

Samantha Singer is a doctor dedicated to her work at the clinic. Overly dedicated, that is, to the point of exclusion of any type of life for herself outside the four walls.

It is up to Prince Troidan to find a cure to save his father, which will stop the revolution.

Using subterfuge, Troidan finds a way to get Samantha to help his father, and along the way, shows her what is like to have a life outside of work. Not wanting to let on that he is not human, he uses the name Dan.

Samantha and Dan, as he is known when she meets him, are likeable and have chemistry. Some of the dialogue is a bit confusing, but overall this is a good read.

Through Thick and Fin, Cara Preston

Marina is not satisfied with her life as a human, leaving her imagination free to carry her away to another world. Then the memories start; memories of things she should not remember.

Dave has always wondered about his magnetic attraction to Marina, but a misunderstanding drove a wedge between them. Now he has to compete for her attention.

Ms. Preston has written a sweet story with a cute heroine and a talented hero. The plot is thin but a highly enjoyable read.

Unexpected Truths, Cheryl Bonner

Jessie York is the author of paranormal romances involving Mer-People. She would rather spend time with her characters than humans. And then she meets Nick.

Nick is the CEO of the company owning the publisher of Jessie’s romances. He is the lead enforcer of the mer-people and has been sent to Jessie’s world for one reason.

Nick is the Mer-People’s enforcer and little does Jessie know that they are real. Nick’s job is to teach Jessie about the Mer and then erase her memories of them. What he did not count on was falling deeply in love with her and discovering she is his soul mate.

The chemistry sparks between Nick and Jessie from the first page of the story and it never lets up. This reader fell in love with their romance. Ms. Bonner wrote a beautiful tale.

Tails You Win, Andrea Jackson

Stella enters the Mermaid games with the sole intention of winning enough money to go to school. But she finds something she does not expect once the games are underway.

Seth has always been studious and quiet, but once he was old enough, he knew one thing; he loved Stella.

The games proceed from fun and carefree, to dangerous. And along the way, Stella discovers her own feelings for Seth.

Ms. Jackson has written a story which is action-packed and full of plot. The romance blooming between Seth and Stella does not fall by the wayside.

A Fish Out of Water, Barbara Donlon Bradley

Sarah is a klutz, and her problem is about to leave her standing in the unemployment line. She makes a wish for a man who will love her and accept her for who she is.

Mika hears her wish and shows up in her life to make her wish come true. He knows nothing of the human world, leaving Sarah to explain even the most basic of day to day life.

Sarah’s life is tilted wildly when she meets Mika, but she accepts him into her home. When Mika accompanies her to a work party, the night is a disaster until Mika changes Sarah’s life forever.

Sarah is true to life, and it is always welcome to see a heroine who is not picture perfect in every aspect of her life. Mika is a charmer who works his way into your heart. The climax of the story will leave you holding your breath. Ms. Bradley made both characters come to life from the pages.

The authors of Merlicious~3 put together a fun and interesting anthology. If you love anything paranormal or science fiction, this is something you will want to pick up.

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