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February 9, 2006
Double Dragon Publishing, Inc.
29 Pages
Science Fiction/Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Snow Metal’s marriage is slowly dwindling in every department since her husband’s accident. Now he wishes their son to attend martial arts, just another thing to start a fight. She takes a job that leads to an enjoyable independence. After missing her shuttle, she runs into a handsome man who leaves her mouth dry. When she hears he is Cannibaloss, cold shivers dance down her spine. He is a man trained to kill; yet she is drawn to him.

Amellon Major Blade was left with a half corroded face when his shuttle burst into flames. When he returns to work without fully healing, it causes more hardship in their marriage.

Mesk Lexus draws attention. He is a trophy for any woman. After meeting Snow, things heat up with the married woman.

Snow is having trouble in her marriage since her husband’s accident. When she gets a job to help out, she discovers a great independence. Mesk is Cannibaloss, but is like a magnet when it comes to attracting women. He and Snow meet when she misses her shuttle that leads to other chance meetings. There is something about him that wishes her to mate with him, but he chooses to move slowly. When she is in bed with her husband, Mesk consumes her thoughts. She sizzles with heat when she is with Mesk. She must decide to leave her adultery in a closet or expose it. But when the tables turn and she learns that love is used for bait, she has more to fear than the exposure of a wanton adulterous affair.

Mesk Lexus is a most refreshing read. Eugen Bacon composes a story that creates a spinning read that holds the readers attention. It was intense, tight, and truly well written. Absolutely fantastic!

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