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ISBN# 1-4116-4170-1
Midnight Showcase
E-book and Print
100 pages
Erotica-ahh romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dark Minds by Jennifer Cloud:

Heather has brought home a sexy spirit from a trip to the Keys and is unsure what to do about him. Fero knows what it takes to please her between dirty words and taunting actions. On Halloween night, when the veils of the two worlds grow thin, he promises her a surprise like no other.

Very sexy, well-written, and one of my absolute favorites. Ms. Cloud makes use of all the senses, allowing the reader to lose themselves along the way. What a wonderful way to start out the digest!

Mirror, Mirror by G. Gregory:

Supernatural goings on in a haunted house and a rare mirror hidden in a secret room leaves the reader with the right kind of shivers beneath the sheets.

Mr. Gregory has a natural storytelling flair and gives paranormal writing some evocative twists. The ambience was ideal for luring me into the darker mood while keeping with an erotic pace.

I Say His Name Out Loud by Adrie Santos:

A woman recounts her fantasy of her boss at work. The author pens a short, but highly erotic story in the first person perspective that only seems a smidgeon out of place after following two dark, Halloween stories.

I would love to read more works by Ms. Santos to get a better feel for her style. She describes the allure of a fantasy with breathtaking ease, leaving me to ponder some dreams of my own.

If Looks Could Kill by Clare O’Brien:

Albertine falls for Cristobal Garcia Cortes, a man with a hauntingly arousing voice. But is he real or a figment of her imagination?

I have always loved a story that combined music and romance as a sensual element. I found this story moving and beautifully written, especially the way the story takes you on a different path than expected. Ms. O’Brien knows how to write sensually tense scenes, keeping the reader guessing all the way to the end. I found her wording full of prose and detailed descriptions.

Rose Blossoms in Winter by Jenny Mount:

A lush and provocative story between a beautiful woman, Rosa, and a handsome artist, Graham. The two find themselves highly attracted to one another and the heat is enough to melt the paint off any canvas. A sexy twist will be sure to inspire you as Rosa poses for a very special portrait as a gift.

Ms. Mount combines art and love to deliver a stunning masterpiece. This is another one of my favorites with the quality and impressive sensual tones.

The Gardener written by A.M. Norman:

This one is a scintillating adventure for one role-playing couple. The words are poetic and sentimental with a hint of naughty for good measure. I liked the way the author put emphasis on emotions and details, slowly guiding the reader along. It allowed me to escape into their world.

The author proves adding new elements to a relationship is not only healthy, but can keep love alive.

Midnight Showcase Erotic-ahh Digest Volume 05-02 delivers with a spicy flare and is guaranteed to keep you warm during the cooler evenings of Fall. I like the layout, the author bios, and especially the stirring content inside.

Nancy Jackson
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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