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May 2007
ISSN# 1555-5496 Vol.57-32
Midnight Showcase
137 Pages
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Slave to Love by Anna Fallon

Marissa Black joined the local BDSM club Frisk two years ago. She finds dominant Rick, who she falls for instantly and shows her devotion constantly. Rick Sweeney loves dominating his slave Marissa. Rick calls her and gives her instructions to do her boss, Mr. McDermott. This is to be the final test and if she obeys him, Rick has something special planned for his obedient slave.

This tale of ultimate obedience shows how far some will go to prove their love, how far some would push to have it proven. This example of a Master/Slave relationship is quite hot! Ms. Anna Fallon gives a sexy glimpse into the dark side of sex.

Master Husband by Anna Fallon

Steve Barret prepares to assume his duties as a motorcycle cop. Kate Barret is usually the straight laced one in the family, but lately her husband Steve’s late hours at work have put a damper on their sex life and she needs to spice it up. Little does he know, she has a surprise for him. Almost at the end of his shift, he is passed by a motorcycle being ridden by a person in all black leather and he takes off in pursuit.

Surprises come from the most unlikely sources. This tale of a leather fetish is a steamy entry into the world of fantasies come true. I enjoyed it immensely. Ms. Anna Fallon, tells a great, spicy tale.

Orola, the Warrior Priestess-The Kiir by Herbert Grosshans

Orola is a Moon Priestess and a Warrior. When the Kellos assault and rob her, she is befriended by a pair of youth, whose family welcome her into their home. She finds their sexual activities quite unusual but can not resist joining them in their copulation. Carth, the father figure, lets it be known that not all is as it seems. When she recovers enough to seek revenge on the Kellos, the family urge her to let them be.

I found the almost constant sexual activity quite hot and the mystery of just who was doing who, interesting. It begs the question, should you judge others for their behavior while enjoying them too. I enjoyed this romp by Mr. Herbert Grosshans

Buttered Fingers by Mae Powers

Kitty Samuels has a kinky fantasy she must experience, but who would agree to participate? Solon accepts the drink sent over by Kitty at Play-Time although he’s gay. Intrigued, he asks what her particular fantasy is and ultimately agrees to participate.

This is a hot little story that will get anyone’s imagination going especially if you are into pushing the envelope. Ms. Mae Powers knows how to get the readers hot and bothered, quick, fast and in a hurry. Can you say Hot, Buttered Mess?

Getting It On by Mae Powers

Johnny lusts for Sarah and could not help staring at her. Sarah Mitchell is used to the reactions she receives from men but Johnny is the first white man she has wanted to bed. Upon catching Johnny leering she decides to take him home. Does she read him right?

Two people from different races, find they are thinking of the same thing. Maybe they are not as different as first believed. Ms. Mae Powers is right on point, whatever the color of skin, we are all human.

Ten and Counting by Randall Lang

Kathy and her friend Stevie are outsiders in high school. He could always coax out the daring side of her. After graduation, they drifted apart until a chance e-mail reconnected them. Finally deciding to meet, would they be the same or would time and circumstance change them? What happens opens her eyes to a world of possibilities.

Mr. Randall Lang has written a sweet story with sex for spice. I enjoyed the premise of reuniting with school friends. Nice and sensual would be nice but does not always occur.

This anthology covers a vast range of sexual activities from the kinkiest to the sweetest. All show the varied tastes the human mind can conjure up. To each his own has never been truer than in these stories. These authors show great imagination and creativity. Thank you for the diverse glimpses into human sexuality.

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