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ISBN# (10)0-8217-8049-2/(13)978-0-8217-8049-7
October 1, 2007
Zebra (Kensington Publishing Corporation)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
380 Pages
Medieval Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Mereck of Blackthorn is cursed with blood that runs hot. Cursed with Baresark blood, an identity he does not express often, he promises to never find love. Regrettably he has to find a wife, something he is not looking forward to, until he crosses paths with Netta.

Lynette of Wycliffe, or Netta of Caer Caldwell, has unusual courage. Resolute to have her say in matters, her father is determined marry her off. Headstrong, she refuses to wed Mereck, a heathen, but after being around him, she learns he is not the barbarian at all.

Mereck never wanted to be a Baresarker; he only wanted to be like his half-brother who was loved by both parents. Because of his life, he promises never to love a woman or give his heart to one. When he meets Netta, he keeps his identity from her, as he pushes his feelings aside but the more he sees her, the greater the passion grows. She is a handful with a fiery temper, something he would teach her how to control. When Netta first sees Mereck, she believes him a savage, a giant of a man, some unchivalrous warrior who has his way about everything. The longer she is in his company, she sees him differently. To others he is a harsh and brute man, but she sees someone gentle and kind. With Netta, he will have the means to gain everything he desires in life, lands, holdings, sons, and daughters, a legacy to leave his offspring. He offers protection but never love, that was a promise he will never break, but Netta just might be the one woman to tame his heart.

Midnight’s Bride is a swashbuckling rip-roaring fantastic read. I was in awe by the way Mereck watches Netta and dwells on thoughts of her lips touching his, not to mention his tormented nights of her in his dreams. All this is woven so magnificently into the storyline that I could practically feel the sensations beating in his heart. Both he and Netta release such a wide range of emotions that their desire, passion, and even Mereck’s anger at times, jumps out at the reader. Sophia Johnson pens a magnificent historical romance that speaks stylishly with well-crafted dialogue, stunning adventure, and even some wit that makes the reader deeply satisfied once the last page is read.

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