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ISBN# None Available
May 9, 2007
The Wild Rose Press
12 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Millie Townsend has worked in the diner her parents bought before the market crash. At 34, she feels she will stay an old maid, even though she has a huge crush on Paul, a regular customer. Every time Paul comes into the diner for coffee and pie, Millie wants to express her true feelings, but her nerve has a habit of stopping her. She has known Paul for two years and still cannot speak her heart.

Paul Whittier is a civil engineer who always keeps his slide rule in his shirt pocket. He feels it is not the place that makes a home, but a family.

Paul loves the outdoors and looks forward to the weekends. He enjoys coming into the diner and sharing time with Millie. When he gets a job opportunity to go to San Francisco, he wonders has Millie ever desired to leave town and do anything else in her life. Paul will miss her when he leaves. Millie wonders will they ever see each other again. He has spent the last two years searching for his place. But being apart from Millie could cause him to either see his place is with her or open new opportunities for him.

Tender, loving, and romantic moments can be found in the story, Miles From You. I love stories that reflect love and show how two people will wait for that one love to come along. Marianne Arkins spins a story that stands on its own. She allows the reader to be pulled in from the first page and feel the emotions of the refreshing characters of Millie and Paul. I found the sweet story a happy, tear-jerking good read.

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