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ISBN #: 1441452389
April 2009
Erotictales Publications
233 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Tara is new to the BDSM lifestyle. She is very nervous about the auction and wonders first if any master will bid on her and then who that man will be. She hopes he will be gentle.

Raven is looking for a new submissive. He is wary of commitment and has never given any of his submissives a collar, always dismissing them after the contracted year. Something about Tara appeals to him.

Once a year, submissives are auctioned off to new masters for one year. Raven has chosen neophyte Tara as his new slave. Tara is determined to please her Master and will do anything to do so. She has some difficulties adjusting to the lifestyle due to her Master’s other sub Donald and her own lack of confidence, but in spite of or because of this, Raven finds himself caring more deeply for her than he wants to.

This story gives the reader an in depth picture of a BDSM lifestyle. It can be shocking to some readers, but the author does an excellent job of describing it in an appropriate light. The characters are well drawn and varied. I loved Tara’s character and the other slave, Lucian, was very sympathetic also. Donald and the Master Gabriel were a bit creepy, and Raven and his former sub-turned- master, Alex, were very human despite their powerful status. The plot is inventive and erotic with a solid storyline.

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