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ISBN# (10) 0-06-113388-4 and (13) 978- 0-06-113388-6
October 2006
Avon Trade
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$12.99 U.S./$16.95 Canada
352 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Zoe Rose always felt discarded, like she was never a part of anything. Even in kindergarten when kids teased her about wanting to wear her ‘Annie’ wig when it was her real hair, she fell victim to ridicule. By the time the second grade rolled around, Zoe knew she needed to make things better for the future. Even at a young age, Zoe was bent on studying the behavior of people, especially when it came to females.

Michael is committed to Zoe but the more he asks for her hand in marriage, the more she refuses. He is not ready to accept that Zoe is not the marrying kind.

Chloe, Zoe’s sister is always bugging her about one thing or another. Her husband, Dan, is editor in chief of Issues Magazine and fell in love with Chloe the day they met. He also fell in love with Zoe’s articles and hired her. Of course Zoe made sure that Dan made Chloe shoe editor.

After becoming editor of Issues magazine, she set a goal to find out more about the female awareness. Her main objective is to get things across in her articles to make other girls band together and be the stronger sex in a world that seems to continue to be male-dominated. There is one problem, silence. She is constantly being bombarded, and mostly from Michael or Chloe. She loves Michael and admires him for never looking wrinkled. She supports his writing endeavor even though his books can be quite boring. Still she loves the way she and Michael fit together. When she finds herself pregnant, he is even more concerned over her well being but she still wishes no marriage. Now Zoe is caught in the middle of being disturbed at every turn for trying to write articles to form a coalition for women, while understanding the monstrous thing growing inside her. After nine months of pregnancy and a man who is constantly asking her to marry him, Zoe may have taken on more than she is willing to accept.

Miss Understanding is the perfect book that makes you feel as if you have just entered segments of your own life, at least this reader thought so. I loved the character of Zoe and saw myself in her in many ways. The constant badgering of others, the immediate interruptions with phone calls, not to mention Michael constantly wondering what foods she was eating was so much life-like. When Zoe was in labor and her visitors were announced, I was in hysterics. Stephanie Lessing has cleverly penned the female and others to the “T”. She composes believability, along with wit, and a list of events that people can easily relate. The well-rounded secondary characters make a great addition to this remarkable read. Miss Understanding will have one feeling practically everything that Zoe endures while enjoying some great humor as a side dish. Ms. Lessing creates a rare read that really transcends.

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