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The Monére Novels
Book 1: Mona Lisa Awakening
Book 2: Mona Lisa Blossoming
Book 3: Mona Lisa Craving
Book 4: Mona Lisa Darkening
Book 5: Mona Lisa Eclipsing

ISBN # 0-425-21160-6
September 5, 2006
Berkley Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
288 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Abandoned as an infant, Mona Lisa is an orphan who has no idea of her real parentage. As an ER nurse, she is used to dealing with unusual situations but the man she encounters on one particular night is beyond her realm of experience. Her life is about to be turned completely upside down.

Gryphon is of the Monere. His people were originally from the moon and forced to leave their home many long years before. When he is injured and taken to the emergency room, he discovers something unexpected. He meets a young Mixed Blood woman who is a Queen of his people, which is totally unheard of.

The Monere are Children of the Moon. They have settled on Earth and done their best to adapt. Ruled over by Queens, they are used to a monarchal society. There has never been a Mixed Blood Queen before, but Mona Lisa is about to shake up their whole point of view. She must also adapt to a whole new mindset. Changing how she sees the world will not be easy but she will do the best she can.

Oh my! What a fabulous story! I absolutely adore this awesome book. The characterization is very well done. The situations they find themselves in are not typical of traditional romance novels, but are exciting and kept my attention riveted to the pages. I could not put this book down until I had finished reading it. Sunny has created a new and unique race of people that is sure to fascinate readers. I highly recommend this unusual and exhilarating story to anyone who enjoys tales of fantasy and the paranormal. I love this book so much that I am not above begging for more Children of the Moon, please!

Susan White
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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