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ISBN-13: 978-1-55404-637-9, 10: 1-55404-637-8
January 15, 2009
Double Dragon Publishing
107 Pages
Suspense / Thriller
Rating: 3 Cups

As far as cold cases go, this has to be one of the worst, and Scott Preston is just the lucky reporter to catch it. With dogged determination, he hopes to find some small clue as to the disappearance of Martin Perry.

Lieutenant Neil Slater has had the case of Martin Perry open for 15 long years, and not one shred of evidence has come to light in all of that time. The boy simply vanished without a trace on one bitterly cold winter day.

Scott and Neil hope their re-investigation of the disappearance of Martin Perry will stir up some long-forgotten clues. They bring different perspectives and opinions on the subjects in question, and as time drags on, begin to unravel the mysteries of Martin’s disappearance. While his mother clings desperately to the hope that one day her son will come home, Scott and Neil are all too certain that will never happen. They can only hope to give his parents the peace that comes with knowing once and for all the fate of their only child.

Ms. Lewis brings to light one of the horrors that any parent prays they never experience. The unknown would be like a cancer that just eats away at your very soul. As a parent, I can only hope that there are people out there like Scott Preston, who take it upon themselves to keep a case like this alive. The real tragedy in this story is the fact that no matter how horrible the truth, it is so much better than not knowing.

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