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ISBN#: (13)978-0-373-77364-0/(10)0-373-77364-1
April 2009
Harlequin Enterprises Limited
378 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Stunt work, commercials, and underwear ads no longer hold any appeal for Tyler Creed. He has made his fortune, but with no family to share it, what is the point? Selling his big empty house in California, and giving away his fancy SUV are the beginning of his journey home to Stillwater Springs, and maybe exorcising the ghosts of his past.

Her father needs her, and despite their estrangement since her parents’ divorce, Lily Kenyon is back in Stillwater Springs for the first time in years to care for him. The memories here are so very bittersweet; her first love, her only true love, and her biggest heartbreak are all in this tiny little town.

Tyler has not even made it back to town, when he meets up with Lily, and all of those old feelings come roaring back with a vengeance. She has every right to hate his guts. He took her teenage heart and stomped all over it, but he cannot help hoping the attraction is still as strong for her as it is for him. Lily tried so hard to bury her feelings for Tyler, she got married, had a child, and is now widowed, but it only confirmed what she already knew; she loved Tyler Creed, she would always love Tyler Creed. Tyler will not allow himself to hurt Lily ever again, and if that means walking away from the best thing that ever came into his life, that is exactly what he intends to do.

Book three of the Montana Creeds will have you looking for a cool lake right along with Tyler. The heat pours from these pages like a raging house fire, and will likely melt you right on the spot. Tyler and Lily play a no-holds barred game of seduction, and every minute together is pure unbridled passion whether they are touching or not. Ms. Miller inundates her books with all of the angst and problems of the real world, capturing the hearts of her readers by baring the souls of her characters.

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