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ISBN# (10)0451221273/(13)9780451221278
June 5, 2007
Signet Eclipse (Penguin Books)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
288 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassidy Burke’s thirty-second birthday is for the birds after an ex-boyfriend returns possibly seeking custody for his daughter. Then a woman appears on her back porch insisting Cassidy is the chosen one to rid away demons. Her day is not getting any better.

Logan Miller had a great time with Cassidy in her senior year. It was fun then he was out of there. Now years later, he desires her back in his life, as well as his sixteen-year-old daughter, Thea.

This is one birthday Cassidy will not forget. She has been confronted by a woman that insists she is the chosen one to kill demons. Cassidy is pretty sure the woman is crazy. Then she tells Cassidy, as the demon duster, it is up to her to destroy the evil one with a liquid known as an antidemon mixture that she can use in her everyday cleaning business. It is a secret formula that has been handed down from one generation to the next. All Cassidy has to do is shake and spray. If that is not bad enough, the guy she loved in her senior year, Logan, who got her pregnant then moved on, decides to show up after years and do a little courting. When he learns he has a daughter, Thea, he wants to be a dad to her. Of course when Thea was young enough to ask where is daddy, Cassidy simply said, he is dead. Now she has some explaining to do. His plans consist of being a part of Cassidy and Thea’s life but Devlin Cole, a businessman may have something to say about that when he starts showing an interest in Cassidy, but not before some nasty demons enter her life. Thea gets kidnaped and used as a tool in the game. With Logan batting on one side, and Devlin on the other, Cassidy wonders just who to trust in this demon duster business as she sets out to choose one man in her life, or leave them dangling like her little play toys.

If you wish to read a funny fantasy than More Than Fiends is the book. It has not been easy for Cassidy to raise a daughter, run a business then learn she has supernatural powers. I could almost see the expressions layered on her face as the woman, Jasmine, explained to Cassidy about the water mixture. It is a blast reading about Cassidy’s birthday that goes on for a whole month. Maureen Child creates a romantic read with fast-paced lampoon with some twists and turns that keep the reader entertained until the end. She fashions a super heroine that makes this story enjoyable. With some sassy in-depth characters and a plot that hooks, this entertaining read keeps one on their toes.

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