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ISBN# (10) 0-06-058403-3 and (13) 0-06-058403-0
November 2006
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$26.95 U.S./$33.95 Canada
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Alexander Barnaby or ‘Barney’ belongs to a racecar team headed by Sam Hooker, once her boyfriend until he decided to cheat with a salesgirl. As a female mechanic and Sam’s race day spotter, she takes cheating personally and when Sam ends up losing a huge race to a second-rate driver, she is certain shenanigans were a play in the race and she is determined to find the source.

Sam Hooker is a NASCAR driver who allowed his relationship to take a plunge after one little error of his ways.

Jefferson Davis Warner, or Gobbles, is a spotter. He can calculate pit road speed from a tach reading but cannot tell a con man from a cow flop.

With a degree in engineering, Barney loves to tinker with cars. Sam was her other great interest until he decided to pull a one nightstand. Barney’s suspicion grows after Sam loses the race and she intends to look into the reason. Sam knows he and Barney are no longer an item, but he needs to team with her to rescue his friend, Gobbles. It seems that Gobbles has made a few minor wrong calls with some shady characters and needs help. After Sam loses a race that should have been a victory, all things begin to point to fraud. Barney is certain that high-tech procedures are behind the real reason. Her solution in finding answers is to seize the other guys’ racing car to locate the device. Neither knew they would be wanted for multiple counts of murder. When Gobbles gets snatched along the way, things really take a wild ride for Hooker and Barney, and Beans, her sidekick dog, as they try to find the equipment that will show foul play in the race. The only problem is now someone who wishes to kill them in the process is chasing them.

Motor Mouth has all the thrills and excitement that NASCAR fans seek when they go to a race. Barney is a strong character with wits about her and she is completely capable of standing on her own two feet. Hooker is the type of man who rather has to grow on a person but there is something between him and Barney that stands out in its own way, perhaps it is the way they both feel about cars. There are some witty moments between them that bring some lighthearted humor. Ms. Evanovich spins some bits and pieces that keep the reader flipping the pages to see if the culprit will ever be brought to justice. With some interesting characters, she weaves a tale that sprints along the way and when it was mentioned about double bagging the poop, I could practically see the looks on their faces. If you love the thrill of speeding cars, then Motor Mouth will put you into that spirit of racing with the wind.

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