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ISBN: Unavailable
December 2005
Scheherazade Tales
112 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lauren Elizabeth Rose Snyder Rose feels like the holidays are bah humbug. Who cares that the halls are decked or the tree trimmed? As for falling snow, it may look breathtaking but who wants to shovel it? And chestnuts roasting on an open fire, please, does anyone do that? While everyone makes plans for Christmas, Lauren cannot remember when she last had a happy Christmas. Was it when her husband left for a tart half his age? Or perhaps when she tried dating again and landed enough losers to count on her fingers and toes?

When her therapist insists she change courses, she takes a job as Mrs. Santa Claus hoping to get in the ho-ho spirit. She is all set until she runs into one of her losers playing Mr. Santa. She wonders if she has taken on more than she can handle with her deal with Santa, troublesome children and adults, mind you, and some interfering friends. Oh dear, and is there an unwelcome appearance by an ex or two? Can she fulfill the task at hand while trying to reclaim some holiday spirit? And just once can she finally find love in the end?

Mrs. Claws, or The Night Sweats Before Christmas, grabs the reader immediately. It was so funny when the Claus’s first met. Poor Lauren is such a perfect character. This is an easy read and the plot well assembled. There are many moments I found myself bursting in laughter. Lauren and David are unique as they play their roles out. The secondary characters blend well even though a few could use a good smashing.

Kate Snow has penned a wonderful book that leaves you feeling great. I liked that she created the heroine and hero as an older couple, having already experienced things in life. I found this quite refreshing. Ms. Snow wrote an extraordinary novel that is a keeper. An enchanting tale I loved.

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