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ISBN# 1-59374-420-X
December 2005
Whiskey Creek Press
Price $4.99
191 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Tony has lost his wife. He does not know if he will be accused of her murder but he knows he is innocent. He is slowly losing his sight but continues to work at his everyday job until the day comes when he will be forced to do other things. When he meets Janet, his heart soon begins to feel sensations for her but can he have a future with her if he is convicted of murdering his wife? A wife unfaithful numerous times that continues to haunt him at every turn.

Janet works with her dad in the construction business. She is torn between working and choosing to marry. When Frederick, who works in the business, seeks to make her his wife, she has doubts, especially since meeting Tony. A young man with great biceps, who is a hard worker, but has an uncurable eye disease. She sees him as tender and caring, and eventually finds herself falling in love with him.

This was an exceptional book. When they came to the end of the rushing muddy waters and embrace and Tony asked, "Would you like to dance?" I sighed with happiness. It was a most touching moment, one that the writer waited until the right moment to bring into play, thus making their love for each other well worth the wait. When Janet realized she was in love with Tony, it was a love that was well worth the wait. When Mr. Dragona brought in the haunting voices of Carol, it made the book a more pleasurable, edge on your seat enjoyment.

I loved the way Mr. Dragona dove right into the book with suspense and intrigue at every turn of the page. Having a character with a disabling condition with many obstacles to face was indeed a great asset. Mr. Dragona is an excellent writer. He knows how to tell a story to keep you guessing. Such a great romantic flare with a suspenseful touch. A book well worth the time to read.

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