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ISBN#: 978-0-9794756-0-3
April 2008
Veiled Intent Press
546 N. Humphrey, Oak Park, IL 60312
Trade Paperback
339 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Cassidy is a psychotherapist with a knack for solving murder mysteries. She feels great sympathy for her husband’s schizophrenic tenant and for her husband’s depression.

Zach was once the crime beat reporter for a major newspaper. A new editor retaliated for an earlier slight by only assigning him the most menial stories, most of which never make the paper at all. His depression is inevitable.

A schizophrenic woman off her medication tells Cassidy that she witnessed a murder, then runs away. A resident of the building is missing and there is evidence of blood and hair in a janitor’s room, but no body. Cassidy tries to find the murderer without the assistance of her clinically depressed husband.

There is a good mystery amidst the psychobabble which can be a little trying at times. The characters are pretty vivid, even the one we never meet; the murder victim, a singularly unpleasant man named Miles. Cassidy is a very empathetic character, almost dangerously so at times, but her investigation is logical and the murderer will not surprise you, although some of the details will. This is apparently part of a long running series, but the book stands well on its own. You will enjoy watching Cassidy try to solve all of the characters’ problems including her own, while solving a murder at the same time.

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