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ISBN#: E-book-978-1-60202-118-1/Paperback-978-1-60202-119-8
November 15, 2008
Linden Bay Romance
198 Pages
Sci-fi/Fantasy, GLBT, Contemporary, Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Alexander Parker is a very shy man with a penchant for Greek history. Kind to a fault, he will help anyone in need of it, but does not like the attention it gets him, nor being called a hero by those he helps.

Adrian McKenzie is the editor of a popular gay magazine. He catches Alexander in the act of helping someone and finds himself hopelessly smitten.

When Adrian sees Alexander helping an older man who has fainted, he will do anything to meet the handsome young god. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Alexander is shy to the point of pain and getting to know him is going to be no easy challenge. Still Adrian keeps at it and is eventually able to draw him out of his shell. However, when a man dressed as a Greek warrior begins saving people around London, Adrian knows it is his lover and is concerned that someone might take exception and actually do him harm. Will he be able to convince Alexander that he can be a hero without the helmet and costume, or will Alexander keep bringing out his alter ego until someone takes him out?

I truly enjoyed Murphy’s Hero. Ms. Hauser did an excellent job of showing the damage parents can do their children when they don’t allow them to grow up, as was the case with Alexander. I really loved how Adrian was able to draw Alexander out of his shell and show him that he was indeed a person who was both worthy and worthy of love. The descriptions of London, and the English slang peppered throughout the novel make the reader feel as though she is right there in the thick of things and give the story a very authentic feel. A truly exhilarating read that I am more than happy to recommend to one and all!

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