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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3207-6, 10: 0-7582-3207-1
May 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Outliving two husbands and bound for a third does not make Kate a happy woman. Having this third marriage thrust upon her in a matter of minutes only enrages her further.

Laird Ewan MacDonald needs an heir; therefore he must have a wife. An arrangement has been made, and his docile little wife should be arriving shortly.

Kate is ready to expound upon her fury to her new husband, seeing as how he could not even be present for their ‘wedding.’ Ewan finds out very quickly that Kate is not the wife he expected. However, she may be just the woman he needs.

Kate and Ewan virtually set the pages ablaze with passion and fury. They are two tempers evenly matched and perfectly suited to heat up the coldest of nights.


Linarra is from the kingdom of Aldvale, and under the rule of the King Usotae. He is a man whom she has grown to despise, but must abide or forfeit the life of her family.

A life in the jungle of Kellian is everything Falcor could dream of. However, being King has taken much of that joy away.

King Usotae has given Linarra no choice but to abide by his command. She will do his bidding to help take down the Kellian king or her sister will die. Falcor knows that his gift from Usotae is a trick, but he is helplessly lost to its charm. There can only be one victor, but will Linarra and her sister survive either way?

Desperation and desire fight for dominance in Linarra’s heart. Her story is lushly described and erotic from start to finish.


A life of adventure and no palace rules to follow is Princess Arian’s dream-come true, but it is not to be. Her family’s only concession is to allow her a short trip to the Amazon before her wedding day.

Jensen D’Argent loves traveling the world and discovering all of its wondrous treasures. His nights are the only times he wishes for more, but the woman of his dreams is well beyond his grasp.

The Amazon is everything Arian imagined and more, but being captured by natives is not on her agenda. Her jungle fantasy takes a strange turn, but not an unpleasant one. Jensen’s tribal family has only his best interest in mind when they try to find a woman for him. They could never have guessed it would tear his heart in two.

This story encompasses heartbreak and breathtaking passion in equal measure. Arian and Jensen are worlds apart in society’s eyes, but their souls cry out to be together. This story is an exquisite end to a wonderful anthology.

Passion abounds for each of the amazing couples in Mutual Desire. Their stories are lovingly depicted with erotic love scenes, amazing backdrops, and intriguing characters. Each story captures your interest, and easily holds you spellbound from beginning to end. I enjoyed every moment, and will certainly look for more from Donna Grant.

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