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ISBN: 1-933548-52-5 (E-Book)
ISBN: 1-933548-53-3 (Print Book)
December 2005
All Romance Books
E-Book/ Print
$6.99/ $12.99
200 pages
Historical Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Robert Blake, the Duke of Lear, is still haunted by the death of his younger brother, Stefan, who was fighting in the Peninsular War. When he is approached by Jane Chandler to help bring her injured brother back to England, Robert finally feels a purpose in life. He agrees to accompany her for protection. What he ends up getting in return is a beautiful friend who he falls in love with and marries. He is filled with complete joy until they return to England and he is encountered with a new tenant that piques the hidden jealousy that threatens not only Robert but also his lovely wife, Jane.

Jane Chandler is in dire need of a good boat to bring her injured brother home from Portugal. When she asks for Robert’s help, he insists on accompanying her but she insists she will be all right. After he persists, they finally come to a truce. As the journey progresses, she and Robert become attracted to each other and that soon leads to marriage. But all changes when they return home and a new tenant threatens to destroy their happiness.

Robert and Jane arrive home with Harry when they are soon greeted with a tenant that needs a place to stay. Edmund Darrows makes friends with Harry but Robert does not like the way he gazes at his wife. When Edmund tries to make a play for Jane, it infuriates her. Robert sees part of it and believes it to be something other than what he imagined. Now it is up to Jane to try to make Robert believe the truth and put Edmund out of their life for good.  

My Dearest Friend is a very tender love story about two people who are dearest friends first before marriage. The characters are likeable and their expressions almost dance across the pages. The reader cannot help but be caught up in their life. Ms. Statham blends all the right elements that breathe life into this well-written classic that I recommend.

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