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ISBN# (10): 0-345-49539-X/ (13): 978-0-345-49539-6
November 2007
Ballantine (An Imprint of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10019
432 Pages
Regency Historical
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Julianna Hawthorne cannot believe her brother, Harry, has gambled the money that was to go on the estate. The only way to handle the situation is to face the evil man he owes and settle the debt. She cannot lose her family’s home.

As a London financier, Rafe Pendragon is famous for being ruthless. He is surprised when a fine lady as Julianna arrives, at his home, to settle her brother’s vowels. After listening to her words, he agrees to help her, with one condition.

Julianne expects Rafe to be old and ugly, someone purely evil. Instead the sight of the man practically takes her breath. Rafe is handsome, and being in the same room with him is intoxicating. She pleads to help pay the money, her brother Harry owes, but has no idea the price is thirty thousand pounds instead of five, as Harry expressed. How will she ever pay that amount? Rafe has only one condition after hearing the fair Julianne make her plea. The loan can be paid in full if she will share his bed. Surely a lady born and bred will not take him upon his offer. He is surprised when she agrees. Julianne sees no other way to save her family’s welfare. She does not wish marriage. Being forced into a prior marriage was not something she enjoyed. Now a widow, she must still remember her reputation, so she asked that it be discreet. Even Harry is never to know their arrangements. Rafe agrees to her terms. He decides for six months she will be his mistress. Both feel the stirring heat that begins to toast their flesh. He wants her and craves her with an instantaneous need even though he will not admit the fact. Neither expected their little rendezvous would ignite such a heated fulfilling passion that would draw them intimately together. When danger begins to threaten their liaison, Rafe will do whatever he can to protect her while slowly losing his heart more to her each day.

My Fair Mistress is a rich book full of elegance, desire, and romance. I loved the premise of the plot and how Julianne went about to try to settle Harry’s debt. She went above and beyond to protect her family and her home. Reading the reactions of Rafe when she entered his home and they were in close proximity was wonderfully created. The passion between the two is beautifully drawn and permits the reader to feel their emotions while they discover a love that had been missing in their lives. Tracy Anne Warren sketches a magnificent tale that grasps hold of the reader and pulls them into the exquisite world of Julianne and Rafe. This is one impressive read that I will always remember.

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