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ISBN #: (10)0373773129/(13)9780425226292
February 2009
Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
375 Hudson St., New York, New York 10014
Trade Paperback
352 Pages
Fiction / Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As Claviger of her colony, Kayli Raine is sworn to protect her people. She has been groomed for this position for as long as she can remember, and it is her life. Her colony is now under siege, and in order to save it she must find help. She knows just the man for the job.

The great Michael Manchester or Mallet as he is known in the SBC world feels utterly useless knowing he will never fight again. In actuality, he is lucky to still have both of his legs after a car accident nearly crushed him. But this does not lessen the pain of never again being able to compete as a professional fighter.

Time is of the essence and Kayli’s is running out. She must convince Michael to accept who and what she is, and then get him to agree to accompany her. Only in her time can the effects of the crash be completely erased and his body made whole once again. She is certain that with his inherently noble personality, not to mention his impressive size, he will be the one to save the women in her colony. Michael is not amused by Kayli’s claims, but for the first time in weeks he is feeling something beyond the dark cloud of despair that has enshrouded him. She is entirely too hot for her own good, and has absolutely no clue what she does to him. He agrees, if only to pacify her, hoping to get her to stick around for a while. However, he is the one getting stuck, and if the truth be told, he would not have it any other way.

Michael is one more of Ms. Foster’s fabulous fighters to wile away the hours with. However, his story is much more extraordinary, making it an amazingly fun read. I loved the way Michael is turned inside out. He tries so hard to be the big tough guy, but with Kayli he is mush. Kayli’s character is much more subtle, but no less important. She is Michael’s compass, and without her he is lost. Their differences make the story complex, entertaining, and absolutely worth your time.

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