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ISBN# 0-373-22923-2
June 2006
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, M3B 3K9 Canada
$4.99 U.S./$5.99 Canada
256 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess Mays is more than surprised when she gets a phone call to go to the hospital because her twin sister, Katie has been in an accident. She never knew she even had a sister. When she hears the news about her long lost father, there is only one thing left to do to prove his innocence and that is to take Katie’s place.

Detective Ryan Hill has the unfortunate task of breaking the news to Tess about the father and sister she never knew exited. Their father was his partner and now that he is gone, he feels it is in his best interest to protect the two daughters but Tess is the one creating quite a stir within his heart.

Katie Fields needed to speak to Detective Hill but someone else got to her first.

Tess cannot believe that the woman lying in the hospital bed has the same features as herself but the letter that Ryan just presented to her proves that she does indeed have a twin sister. After all these years, she learns that her past has been a lie. Her father and mother had split when the children were very young and since there were two babies, he took one and she the other. Now her father is dead and someone is after Katie as well. She does not understand why. Ryan tries his best to console her and help her to understand the situation but the issues are quite absorbing. When Tess goes back to find Katie’s apartment ransacked, she and Ryan get entangled into the puzzle more as they try to uncover the truth. Tess knows the only way to unlock the mystery surrounding her father and mother is to step into Katie’s shoes. Ryan is not too happy with her quick altar ego change but it appears there is no stopping her. The two combine forces to find the answers behind the puzzling events as Ryan finds himself drawn to Tess in more ways than one but someone may not allow the couple to find happiness before it is all over.

My Sister, Myself is nail-biting suspense drama from the first page to the last. The emotions of Tess when she learns about her twin and then sees her lying scarred in the hospital bed was so realistic and gripping. This reader could practically see the layers of expression dancing on her face after reading the letter from her father. Ryan, as a tough and caring detective, shows his loyalty throughout the book. Ms. Sharpe creates a great plot, exciting characters, and a well-crafted storyline that takes the reader on one roller coaster ride that is often hard to catch a breath. This romantic suspense is one engaging read that is most gratifying!

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