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ISBN#: 978-0-425-22294-2
October 2008
Berkley Sensation/Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
294 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Disdaining Trouble

Withering Desdaine is one of three witch triplets with a penchant for trouble. Woe be to the man, or woman for that matter, who tick off one of these three teens because they will rue that day.

Thad Wilson has just returned to Mysteria and purchased the local pizza place. He has no magical powers as do most of the residents, but it is still home.

When the triplets get back at the postmaster by putting him up in a tree, they have no idea how their actions are going to affect them. When Withering falls in the wishing well and reappears a few minutes later all grown up, no one but Thad seems to like the change. But Withering has become a queen in another reality, and her job is to hunt and kill demons, and unfortunately she thinks she needs to return to that other reality. Will Thad be able to convince her that staying in Mysteria with him is a better plan?

This story seems geared more towards the older teen set than for adults, but I still got a real kick out of the triplets. Thad’s reaction to a grown Withering really cracked me up! A fun read that I’m happy to recommend.

The Nanny From Hell

Shay is a demon that wants more than just about anything to be human. However, Satan has no intention of allowing her to do so. Instead he goes about taking away everything that Shay cares about, including an ice age hunter named Swift River who he forced her to kill.

Quel Laredo is a demon hunter. Most of the time he stays on the move as a demon hunter for hire, but Mysteria has been good to him, and so he has stayed there longer than most places.

When Quel smells a demon coming, he is ready for it. After all that is what he does, kill demons. However, something strange happens, because although he can smell the demon coming, the scent changes when the car the demon/woman is driving has an accident and lands in the wishing well. Something happens, and Shay is changed in such a way as to get something she wants very much, but will this change keep her from following through on the task Satan has set for her? Will she ignore her instincts and her growing feelings for Quel, or will she continue to destroy others as she has always done?

This had to be one of my favorites in this anthology. Shay as the demon who wants so desperately to be human, and even in a way sort of manages emotions, is captivating. I absolutely adored Quel and how, even after he finds out what Shay is, he is still willing to give her a shot. This was a great romance that shows the redeeming power of love.

A Tawdry Affair

Glory Tawdry is a love witch who has had very little luck with love herself. While both her sisters have found their other halves, she feels left out when it comes to love. The one man she does care for rejected her, and she is out for revenge of the witch kind.

Falon is prince of the Fae but has since abdicated his throne and allowed his younger brother to rule in his stead. He loves the way Glory looks but has had very bad luck when it comes to witches. Because of this he has no intention of getting involved with Glory.

When Glory gets her hands on a pen that allows her to write both herself and Falon into any scene she might wish, she sees it as a way to get the ultimate revenge on Falon. However, her plans do not work out quite the way she envisions. Will Falon finally realize that Glory, though a witch, is not like the other witches who hurt him? Will Glory finally see that she is beautiful just the way she is and that Falon did what he did because of a few bad experiences?

This was one of my other favorites in this anthology. Ms. Showalter writes paranormal romance like nobody’s business! I loved Glory and the fact that she was not your typical skinny woman, but rather a more realistic woman with curves. I thought Falon was the perfect foil for her personality, and I found him to be a likeable character. After all, he loved his brother enough to allow him to rule, that says something about him as a person I think. I really enjoyed this one!

It’s In His Kiss

Summer has returned to her hometown of Mysteria because she missed the people there, and one person in particular. She is a high school teacher. Like most of the people in Mysteria she has powers, but hers are not the kind of powers you want to use. Unlike most powers, hers give her the ability to make any spell said around her cause the opposite to happen.

Colin Vlad has been a vampire for over two hundred years, and constantly living in darkness is starting to wear on him. He owns a ranch, but presently he is helping his brother by overseeing his art gallery.

When Summer and another teacher take a bunch of their students to an art gallery to view the art, and in particular a painting of Romeo and Juliet, she is still thinking about her upcoming date with Kenny the fairy. She has no idea she is about to meet her match, and so when she does in the form of Colin, even though her libido stands up and takes notice, she tries to convince herself that Kenny is who she really wants. However, when one of her students casts a spell in her presence and sends both her and Colin somewhere else, she begins to wonder about who her ideal man really is. Will she see that Colin the vampire might just be the man for her, or will she choose the man who she has had a crush on since high school?

It’s in his kiss is a great story that I really loved! I totally cracked up at how spells told in Summer’s presence kept affecting her and those around her. Ms. Cast has created a totally believable scenario in spite of the fact that it is fantasy, and Summer’s opposite magic gives the idea of Murphy’s Law a whole new meaning! I really enjoyed reading about how Summer, like her name, is able to bring light to Colin who has become tired of his existence in the dark. A wonderful romance that proves love really does conquer all.

Mysteria Lane is jam packed with stories to suit every reader’s taste. There is plenty here that goes bump in the night and that will keep the voracious reader up long into the night as well. I liked how each of the authors tied their particular story into the whole, making it seem more like you were reading different portions of a play told from a different actor’s viewpoint. The world building is extraordinary and realistic, and the characters very human in spite of their otherworldly origins and powers. If you enjoy paranormal romance with a twist, then you definitely do not want to miss Mysteria Lane!

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