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ISBN#: (10)0758228465/(13)9780758228468
September 2008
Kensington Books
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
$12.00 U.S./$14.45 Canada
320 Pages
Paranormal Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Dark Hero by Hannah Howell

Berawald MacNachton likes to live his privacy inside a cave. His seclusion is important, especially when it is a good place to be free of his enemies. When he finds a young boy hiding in the cave, things become complicated.

Evanna Massey, Evie, is running from people who wish her harm because she is different. She has the power to heal fast, just like her mother. Unfortunately it brought death to her mother. When she is wounded, Berawald comes to her rescue.

While his clan prefers to be around others, Berawald likes his isolation. He never expected to find a lonely young boy in his midst. David and his sister, Evie, were fleeing when intruders came after them. He got away but Evie was hurt. Berawald finds Evie bleeding. He brings her to the cave to doctor her wounds. When Evie finally comes to, she is happy to see David is safe. She explains to Berawald how the intruders deemed her family witches and demons. Berawald wonders whether he should have volunteered to help Evie, when he finds her so desirable. He does not have the heart to cast either sister or brother out. As a fast healer, it does not take long for Evie to heal. When they are faced with evil intruders, she sees the dark side of him. He wonders will Evie ever wish to be with someone like him after she sees the cruelty he bestows to troublemakers. The two share a passion that is magic, but Berawald’s secret could cause Evie to turn away from him for good. When it is time for Evie and David to leave, will they truly be able to say goodbye?

Dark Hero is a well-written tale with bite that keeps one entertained and spellbound. The way Berawald grows on the reader, for his love for Evie, is beautifully told. I could just feel the sensations that travel through the pages with the desire he shares for Evie, not to mention the understanding he shares with David. The story grabs hold and keeps the reader entertained until the conclusion. Hannah Howell sketches characters that leap from the pages. I was swept away in this thrilling tale.

Bride of the Beast by Adrienne Basso

Bethan of Lampeter is willful, unruly and outspoken, according to her stepfather. Bethan does not care for him, and intends to get her revenge against the domineering man.

Haydn of Gwynedd saw the bravery of Bethan when she rescued him from being executed. Later when she comes to him asking for help, he is surprised at her request.

Bethan puts her life at risk when she helps to release prisoners about to be executed by her hateful stepfather. Haydn is taken aback by her courage. He is indebted to her. Two years later, they meet again and she asks for his help. She needs him to become her husband, so she will not have to wed any man her stepfather chooses. Haydn wishes to become stronger so one day he can have his own revenge on her stepfather. Bethan explains how her property is rich with hard working people who produce the finest goods in all Wales. She can make him a rich man but Haydn has what he wants in land and wealth. He cannot promise marriage but will do what he can to help because she helped him. When Haydn decides to meet with her stepfather, he insists on marrying Bethan to form an alliance. This will be Haydn’s revenge against her stepfather. When the time is right, he will strike. Bethan agrees, even though Haydn insists after he ruins her stepfather they can divorce and she can find a man she loves. Bethan wonders if she made a wise decision. When she gives herself to Haydn, will they be able to break their vows and drift apart?

Bride of the Beast is a moving story with two wounded souls who come together as one in many ways. The love, romance and chemistry are balanced just right to make these believable characters come to life. It is as if their arms open up and reach out to the reader, pulling them into the story. When they were facing danger, I was on the edge-of-the-seat, wondering would they escape or be caught. Her stepfather even put some fear into me. He is, indeed, a ruthless man. Adrienne Basso tells a story that captivates while tugging at the reader’s heart.

Kiss of the Vampire by Eve Silver

Sarah Lowell is dedicated to working at the King’s College Hospital. It is not the best of places but is a place the poor can come. Regrettably, too many of the weaker patients are becoming victims of someone draining their blood.

Killian Thayne is a competent surgeon who wishes to help the patients. He also makes sure Sarah is taken care of, giving her as much protection as necessary. Being accused of being a killer is not something he expected.

Sarah gets the strangest feeling someone is following her and watching from a distance as she heads to the hospital. It is a strange sensation that is quite eerie. It is not an easy job for anyone working in the wards. Sarah must hear the pleas and tears of those who are in pain, and must often be amputated, with certain limbs removed, only to die a few days later. Sarah has a calming effect on the patients but it appears Killian lends an even greater calm for those in pain. He has an uncanny way of suddenly appearing then disappearing just as fast. Each time he is in the room, Sarah is intrigued by his presence. He has an aura about him that practically draws her into his hold. Sarah would love to be circled in his arms. When he is wrongfully accused of killing one of the patients, she defends him. She will never believe he is a killer. When another victim is killed, Sarah must find out if the killer who is stalking the patients is the same person who is stalking her. When she learns the truth about Killian will he lose her forever?

Kiss of the Vampire is a read allowing me to get a visual as Sarah runs down the cobblestones of London, with the swirling of the fog and the rain. I love how the characters share in the experience of feeling the fear, the passion, and the sorrow of events. This splendid read is truly tantalizing. The ultimate chemistry the two share is magnetic. I can just see Killian with the honey and apple, hmmm, sensual, sexy, and downright the icing on the cake. Eve Silver knows how to hook the reader.

All I can say is Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso and Eve Silver pen three incredible tales with punch and pizzazz that leave a lasting impact. I was bewitched and captivated by all three. Nature of the Beast unfolds three delicious stories I could read again and again. They are truly satisfying.

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