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ISBN# 978-981-05-7662-2
January 2007
Star Dust Press
145 pages
Erotic/Fairy Tales/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Lust in Wonderland

This is about Alice going back to Wonderland years later as an adult. Everything seems to be the same except White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and others can now turn human at will.

What an erotic fantasy, it shows us how Alice revisits everyone but in a very sexual way. She is a beautiful young lady and everyone wants to have sex with her including the Red Queen, this is a must read for all you erotica lovers.

This is one of the most erotic tales I have read in a while. Never have I imagined Alice falling for the White Rabbit as a child and then doing him as an adult. This is sure to win the readers interest.

Snow White’s Release

An erotic twist on the original with Snow White finding refuge in a house with seven brothers. They let her stay but only if she spends one night a week with each brother. She accepts the condition though it is hard because she fell in love with Reese. He is the one that saves her life and they decide to marry.

This is a very different set of circumstances in which there are not seven dwarfs but seven gorgeous and very tall brothers, all with their own unique personalities. The love between Reese and Snow really shows and that part is worth the read.

Adventure and fair play still abounds in this tale. The basic concept remains the same though the characters are all grown up and sexually active but everyone should love it.

Fairy Games

A more original tale since I never heard of it as a child. In this story Emma is a a young woman abused by her mother to do all the chores, berated and unloved, only her sister was given everything.

Emma loves to go to the well to get buckets of water and be alone. There she can satisfy herself since she has no lover and masturbates. She meets an elf who, if she has sex with him will grant her a boon. For every word she says flowers and jewels come out of her mouth.

This shows that there are still good and kind people in the world who will be rewarded as Emma was with jewels and flowers. On the other hand her sister who is greedy and unkind only gets what is coming to her, nothing nice comes out from her mouth. I loved that this was so interesting and a fun tale.

Naughty Fairy Tales is explicit and for anyone wanting something wickedly decadent. I found that it had some really touching romantic scenes. These erotic stories might be based on fairy tales but only adults should read them. These are grown up tales with what you expect from adult themes. I enjoyed reading this from an adult point of view. This series should be a hit and the next volume just as enjoyable I hope.

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