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ISBN# (10)0307381463/(13)9780307381460
June 2007
The Crown Publishing Group (Random House)
1735 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
480 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Nefertiti comes from a very influential family. For centuries her family has supplied wives to the rulers. The beautiful, determined and captivating Nefertiti has been predestined to wed Amunhotep. Unfortunately, he is a pharaoh that is insecure.

Prince Amunhotep has acquired the throne. His thoughts believe in only one God and Pharaoh the only voice, instead of priests in a temple. He sets out to change Egypt’s destiny but his mother may have a say in his matters.

The times were dangerous and whenever a new Pharaoh sat on the throne it always meant uncertainty. If Amunhotep is to be made coregent with his father, then he must have a Chief Wife and Nefertiti is one of the choices. Lady Nefertiti is the daughter of Ay, Vizier of Egypt and Overseer of the Kings great works. She is a woman full of grace. Nefertiti does not fall in love, men fall in love with her. Her sister, Mutnodjmet is different. She has no desire to share in the footsteps of power. Her tastes are to exist far from the duty of family and court. Nefertiti is chosen to become the wife of Amunhotep. After months of being married, Amunhotep changes his name to Prince Akhenaten, Beloved of Aten. The news brings chaos and shock that he would change his name and that a new capital would be built to replace the greatest city in the East. As Nefertiti tries to make a life with Amunhotep, it appears he soon grows suspicious of his parents and everyone around him. Tensions mount as Amunhotep seeks to build the new capital that he has always envisioned. There is much upheaval within the government and military that could uproot and destroy much more, including the royal family.

Without a doubt, Nefertiti is a rare read. It is a story rich in history and the research is extraordinary. Michelle Moran has done a splendid job with her depictions, her characterizations, and making the story completely visual. Nefertiti and Amunhotep, who later changes his name to Akhenaten, are dominating characters in all their actions. All the secondary characters play such a huge important role in the storyline. Reading the story was like watching Ancient Egypt in the making. This superb tale transports one into the everyday life in the palace; the power struggles and watching Nefertiti actually come to life with each turn of the page. The sisters are each different in their own traits as they face what they think is most important in their life. Ms. Moran has written a masterpiece that should be enjoyed by all. Travel into the portal of the past where you will not be disappointed.

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