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ISBN# 0-7582-1469-3
September 2006
850 Third Avenue, NY, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Dark Fantasy Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

My Captor

Sam is on a much-needed vacation at the Morgan Hotel in New York, or so she thinks. She has always been in control of her life and most people think she is an ice princess, until she wakes up as the captive of a very handsome man who vows to pleasure her until she begs. The daughter of a senator, she is very careful in her life and her relationships, until the mysterious Philip enters her life.

Phillip is the mysterious man of Sam’s dreams and even his punishments bring pleasure. Despite being her captor, he finally gives her, her freedom.

Sam kidnapped from her hotel in New York and spirited away to the African desert, the captive of a very sexy man for as long as he wants to keep her.

This is a very intriguing tale of a woman losing control of her life and enjoying it. Sam is a very sympathetic character. Phillip and Samantha have a lot of chemistry and the love scenes are very well written and very hot. Mariah, the witch’s character, serves her purpose well. The remote location of the tent and the boulder she sits on seem to reflect Sam’s isolation as well. I loved the talking lizard.

Winged Dreams

Iole is given an ultimatum by her father. She has to choose between two men or he will choose for her. She is very well educated for a young woman in ancient Greece and resents having a husband forced upon her. One of the choices is a young man who is a bit of a womanizer, but very handsome and fond of horses; the other is her old friend Arcas, once handsome but now horribly deformed.

Hera killed Arcas’s mother for her affair with Zeus and cursed Arcas. With Aphrodite’s help, he must convince Iole of his inner beauty and end the curse.

A cursed man must convince the woman he loves that he is unchanged inside, despite the horrors a goddess has wreaked on his person. He shows his true self to her in dreams. She must choose a suitor despite her reluctance to marry anyone but her dream lover, if she can only find him.

Iole is a woman far ahead of her time and it is obvious that the handsome suitor is not for her. The reader will be rooting for poor Arcas throughout the story. Typical of Zeus’ illegitimate children, he is hounded by the god’s wife and the man cannot seem to catch a break until he sees Iole again. Iole’s dreams are very vivid and erotic, as is her visit to the Pythia, though this visit might be a little much for those who do not like female/female love scenes. The author has really caught the essence of Greek mythology in this tale.


Larkspur is asked by her family and the people of her village to steal the Jewel of Dragonkind to save the maidens of Greenhaven from the evil dragon Eraw. She gets more than she can handle with his half brother Ekal.

The human female thief intrigues Ekal; she is in his lair to steal, but only for the good of her people. He is also interested to learn about human bed sport.

An evil dragon is raping and killing the maidens of Greenhaven. Larkspur’s sister is to be next and Larkspur must save her. She enlists the aid of a very handsome dragon, but is unsure whether the two of them are strong enough to stop Eraw.

This is a great dragon tale. Eraw is everything an evil dragon should be while Ekal is the complete opposite. The love scenes are extremely hot and very well written and the two main characters are very memorable.

This is an unusual anthology in that each story is as good as the next. I loved them all and am unable to choose a favorite. The author is very good at describing settings and creating likable and interesting characters. Her heroines are strong and the heroes have a little extra that makes the story.

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