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ISBN# (10) 0821778358/(13) 9780821778357
June 26, 2007
Zebra (Kensington Publishing Corp.)
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cara Aideen DeLongpre is tired of being sheltered and of the secret she feels her parents keep from her. It is when she meets a man at the Nocturne club she learns interesting facts about her parents that has her running away.

Vincent Cordova never believed vampires existed until he met a petite gal who practically drained the blood from him offering him life or death. When he meets Cara, he feels a strong attraction and does not wish to let go.

Cara feels her parents are not being completely truthful about her life. She is certain when the time is right they will offer an explanation but that time may come too soon after meeting Anton Bouchard at the Nocturne club. Anton is on a mission for his mother, Serafina. It is her way of getting back at the enemy for taking away her lover, Anthony, and leaving her to raise her son alone. She blames the DeLongpre’s, Cara’s parents, and this is her chance to cast a spell by going through Cara. Serafina can only hope that Anthony has not been reincarnated so the spell will work. Cara knows her father sends a bodyguard wherever she goes. The next time she visits the Nocturne she meets a dark handsome stranger who follows her home. Vince is everything that a woman desires. Something tells him that Cara’s parents are vampires, but that does not matter, because he is in love with her. He feels they share loneliness and their joining could trigger a complete happiness. When Cara learns the truth about her parents from Anton, she connects with Vince who tries to tell her not to be so judgmental of her parents. As the terror of Anton and Serafina grows more intense with their plan, Cara and Vince are thrown closer together. But Cara’s fear is about to grow worse when she learns more about Vince. Now she wonders can she ever really love and spend the rest of her life with someone that is not really a man? But as danger threatens her even more, time is running out for Vince to save her and make her his for life.

Night’s Touch is a rich drama that oozes with sex appeal, and sensual magnetism with the rich love of Cara and Vince that the reader can actually feel. Cara and Vince’s emotions are so vivid and detailed that every page is believable. Vince is a vampire that I would not mind meeting myself. The plot of Anton and Serafina is terrific and keeps the reader hanging onto their seat in eagerness. The twists and turns of the vampire world are not only alluring, but spellbinding in this fantastic read. Amanda Ashley delivers surprises at every corner. The whole visual effect of the lingering kisses, along with the addition of the creature, in movement, can be felt in this passionate tale where Ms. Ashley pens a vampire story that is so rare and inviting.

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