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ISBN# 978-1-59632-378-0
January 2007
Loose Id, LLC
180 Pages
BDSM Superhero Paranormal
Rating: 5 cups

Liz Blackwell is a young lawyer and FBI freelance informant. The firm she works for is controlled by the Snakehead Triad and Liz, using her connections, is doing what she can to help bring them down. She is attracted to her geeky assistant, Kent Alistair.

Kent lives a double life as Liz’s secretary and a rogue Ninja who is also working to bring down the Triad. He has been in love with Liz for several months; he thinks she does not really see him.

When Liz is attacked, Kent, as Ninja, rescues her. They begin an affair. At the same time, Liz begins getting to know Kent better. As she gets closer to him and they start having a relationship, she sends Ninja away. However, it becomes clear to Liz that her secret FBI dealings could put Kent, whom she has come to love, in danger, and so she attempts to break all ties with him. Only if they can each come to terms with the other’s secrets will they have a chance together.

Ms. Li calls her writing, “ninja smut” and all I can say is, it is some of the best smut I have ever read! The sex scenes are enough to make your hair singe; I kept patting my head to make sure my hair was out! Non-stop action keeps this story flowing smoothly. The emotional tension is so thick in places that you can cut it with a knife. I loved how Ms. Li wove paranormal, superhero, and mythic characters into the story; the demons, ninjas, and banshees ruled the day. The world building is stellar, and you get a real sense for this dark alternate reality. Action, true love, and an alternate history have made this story one of my favorites!

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