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ISBN# 9780752883724
December 2008
Orion (The Orion Publishing Group Ltd)
Orion House, 5 Upper Saint Martin’s Lane, London
376 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ellen O’Casey wishes to earn enough money for passage to take her daughter, Josie, her mother, and herself to New York to be with her brother and family. She will be glad to get out from under the Danny's foot.

Danny Donovan is the owner of the pub, Angel and Crown. He promises to give Ellen enough money to care for her mother and daughter, if she will come and warm his bed.

Doctor Robert Munroe will go and treat the sick if they are unable to come to him. He feels an attraction toward Ellen, but Danny lets him know she belongs to him.

Ellen is a respectable widow and an Irish Catholic immigrant trying to make enough money to join her other emigrated family, already in New York, but Danny continues to stand in her way. Ellen works as a singer for his pub and he believes she belongs to him. Robert came from Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and thinks Danny is running a shady business, but trying to prove it, while finding a way to help Ellen, may be harder than he imagined.

No Cure for Love is a motivating story that grabs the reader. Once I started reading, it was hard to let go. I wanted to help Ellen flee Danny’s clutches. He is one malicious person who gives me the willies. I certainly would not want to run into him anywhere. Jean Fullerton spins a great read, with well-balanced characters, a realistic plot, and transports the reader into a situation that grows more intense with each page. I could feel the gripping pages unfold as Ellen stands strong in her motives to find a way of escape. One can actually share in the depictions of poverty and convincing events that plague the characters.

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