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ISBN: 978-1-60089-153-3
September 2007
Renaissance E-Books
189 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Lowell Pepperfish may be in his sixties but life is good. He knows that he is wealthy, fit, and not too bad looking for an old guy. His soul mate has yet to enter his life, but there are plenty of young ladies to keep him busy.

Peggy Rothchilderson is finally ready to give her boyfriend the boot. She wants to move on from the self-absorbed 30-40 something men to a man mature enough to appreciate her for a change.

Lowell has waited most of his life for his “vision” to come to him. In the mean time he has enjoyed all the fruits of his labor. His company pretty much runs itself, which gives him the time to spend with his buddies at their favorite golf club. The girls that show up at the club on Tuesday nights are a sight to behold and this Tuesday may just be the best yet. Peggy and her girl friend are scoping out the golf club for more distinguished gentlemen. She is taken with Lowell from the start and things quickly heat up from there. Lowell wants to believe that he has found his Goldy, because for the first time in his life he is ready to be a one-woman man.

This book is a real trip, funny, ornery, and definitely a little raunchy. Lowell is a walking, talking throwback from the sixties. He speech patterns are hilarious. Peggy may be in her twenties but she has put up with some pretty rotten men in her life. She is finally mature enough to know what she wants and she goes for it. The thought of Lowell and Peggy as a couple is a little on the perverse side, but they seem to make it work. The lecherous old men may be a bit much, but I think the story itself is very cleverly written.

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