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ISBN# (10): 0-373-86063-3/ (13): 978-0-373-86063-0
April 2008
Kimani Press
233 Broadway, New York, New York 10279
$5.99 U.S. and Canada
256 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarafina Lovell was certain she and Jackson would marry, have children and the perfect home. They were inseparable in college. After he chose to go into his family business, her fairytale dream ended.

Jackson Thomas knew Sara was his ideal soul mate. Unfortunately his father has a way of making sure Jackson thinks of the family business first and any relationship second. On Sara’s birthday, Jackson rethinks his priorities.

Sara is able to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday, thanks to her line sisters, Naomi, Denise and Asia. Of course they have a little secret Sara soon discovers when Jackson shows up for the party. She wants nothing to do with him and insists he leave but not before giving him one last heated kiss to remember her by. Jackson recalls all their great times after the sizzling kiss. His father wants him to finish up with the business trip then return home and inform him of any new ventures. Instead, Jackson plans to win Sara’s heart. He does not wish to be so consumed in work, like his father, that he never has time for family. Once before he allowed Sara to slip out of his life, now he must prove he has changed and needs her to be with him always. It is up to Sara to give him one more chance to make amends and the line sisters are determined to make it happen.

No One But You has a great theme that kept this reader interested in all the turn of events with Sara and Jackson. They breathe life into the story and one cannot help but root for them to find a way to get back together. Michelle Monkou molds a well-written story that flows smoothly. She tells a superb tale of friendships, and starting over while capturing love in leaps and bounds the second time around. This class act read, with an in-depth myriad of characters, allows the audience to feel the whole scope of everyone involved. I found this a delightful read and look forward to the series.

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