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ISBN# (10) 0-446-61865-9 and (13) 978-0446-61865-6
February 2007
Warner Forever (Hachette Book Group USA)
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$6.99 U.S./$9.99 Canada
368 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

When approached to help in a covert operation, distinguished cryptologist Dr. Noelle Blanche declines to assist the military. Always taught by her parents to be cautious in her life of work, she rejects the government’s offer. Now her decision to not lend any help may cost her her life.

David Wolfe is a former Delta Force Operator who has been summoned to keep an eye on Noelle when her life is threatened. David was certain his past life was behind him after his wife was murdered, but when he is sent to safeguard Noelle, he knows danger is very prevalent.

Noelle is brilliant in her job but unless she gets a grant to fund her work, the college will cease any more studies. She decides against accepting a grant from the military for fear of the government when they want to use her to develop a mathematically based encryption system for their use. She will not be used as a military tool that could cost many lives if not used properly. The government is not the only ones that know she is expert in deciphering codes. Terrorists from Swarm know of Noelle’s ability to interpret the hardest of codes, and have their own use for her. If she refuses they will have to use their own tactical force. David has more on his mind than just protecting Noelle. He wants revenge against the Swarm members who brutally murdered his wife two years prior. Certain that a Swarm member is keeping close tabs on Noelle, they go from one safe house to another, as they work on an important code to break the case. After a surprise attack, David feels there is a mole in the organization and is not certain whom to trust. The more he and Noelle are together, not only is danger present, but the strong attraction they feel for the other. David must now pull out all the stops to keep another mishap from happening to the woman who has stolen his heart.

No Regrets takes the reader by storm. Hook, line and sinker, this is one ultimate page-turner that has everything that engages the reader. I loved David’s strength and the emotions he carries over the loss of his wife, makes the reader feel more compassion for him. The way Noelle begins to come out of her shell and feel love instead of being buried behind her research really makes her a caring individual. Shannon K. Butcher puts the edge on mystery in this terrific read that keeps the reader on a fast moving roller coaster ride. The heated chemistry that ignites between Noelle and David is intense. They practically leap from the pages in this dynamite explosion. This is one intense driven read that should not be missed.

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