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ISBN: 1-933471-78-6
December 2005
Triskelion Publishing
93 Pages
Paranormal/Sister 0
Rating: 4 Cups

Danielle Summers, "Dani", needs inspiration for her vampire novel. She enters Club Strigoi for research when a handsome redheaded bouncer with vibrant green eyes comes to her rescue. She cannot get him out of her imaginative thoughts. Her mother is on her case about her writing, she is waiting to hear from her editor and Bram, the bouncer, insists she change from baggy clothes to ones that show her shape. Every night she enters the club her craving for him grows stronger.

Bram is a bouncer at Club Strigoi when Dani enters. He cannot take his eyes off her. When she asks him to go with her shopping for clothes, he is more than eager to change her appearance. The only problem is, now he cannot get her out of his head. How can he even get to first base if she sees him only as a friend?

Novel Experience is a sequel to Beneath the Surface: After her editor gives her the green light on her book, Dani decides to do research at the Club, where she meets Bram. She finds it hard to erase him from her thoughts. When he confesses he is a vampire, she is crushed. He sees her in his dreams and would love to bring those erotic fantasies to life. Things turn chaotic when his twin brother, Stroker tries to change Dani into a vampire to get Bram to hush his whining about her. Can Bram and Dani finally confront their true feelings?

Bram and Dani have a chemistry that ignites the pages and Bram is a most enchanting vampire. Ms. Lynn makes this story a page-turner. The characters blend in well with all the elements that keep the story flowing even the part about Dani’s mother, one I could truly relate to. Put this on the TBR list, it is a winner.

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