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ISBN: 0-373-06536-1
January 2006
Silhouette Books, Harlequin Books
233 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10279
187 Pages
Tender Romance/Medical
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Michael Rafferty needs good nurses at the Worlds Together team. He is a top surgeon and the one nurse that he could use by his side, is Natalie. He never understood why she left the field to pursue a business career. If he can convince her to return, he intends to keep her at his side and in his life.

Natalie Palmer, nurse practitioner, cannot help that she comes from a wealthy family. Unfortunately Michael thinks otherwise, making their relationship suffer. The one man she ever wanted to marry could not get past the fact that her family was wealthy. When he storms into her office and pushes his way back into her heart, she can only hope that
this time he has changed.

Michael and Natalie battle not only their hearts but also their work environment. After Michael convinces Natalie that he needs her help, not long afterwards they embark on a quest to assist a helicopter that has crashed in the mountains. Natalie begins to see Michael differently and Michael finally sees past her enormous wealth. When Michael overhears that a nurse has been stabbed at a central London clinic for homeless teenagers, he rushes to the hospital in hopes that his foolish pride has not cost him the only woman he ever loved.

Nurse In A Million is a sweet romance revolving around two characters that finally come to terms with their feelings. Their emotions travel across the pages. I was bowled over by Michael when he expressed concern over Natalie and her accident with the swelling of tears in his eyes. Ms. Taylor composes a tale of a man very much in love with a woman and will stop at nothing to have her back in his life. It is a story of courage and strength and a most delightful read.

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