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ISBN: 1-55404-318-2
January 19, 2006
Double Dragon Publishing
342 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Belle Anne Lassiter lives in Ledford, Illinois, during the roaring twenties. With all the uproar and chaos of the bootlegging and gangsters, she still maintains her virginal reputation. After embarking on a job with the Spicuzzi brothers, it is hard to hold her head up high with the string of rumors, but after meeting Franky Spicuzzi, a sizzling spell lights under her feet - making it hard to fight the hearsay.

Franky Spicuzzi has just the zing that attracts women. The charming gangster has been labeled a womanizer as well as a murderer, even though there has been no real connection to pinpoint any of the events to him. The only thing remotely true is the feelings that enhance him when he meets Belle, but with so many people out to get him, they must throw caution to the wind.

Belle is tired of being rejected for jobs. Depression slowly sets in and she needs the money. After accepting a job that is considered dangerous, her image of being clean and chaste swarms into rumors that hurt. She had no idea that Franky would cast a spell over her, but the heat they feel together draw them like soothing flames of fire. Franky wants her with a passion, but with others believing him a gangster and a murderer, they have to face a milestone of events before the real truth erupts that could bring happiness or tarnish a life especially when one of Belle’s friends turns up missing.

The roaring twenties, the gangsters, and the bootlegging, Of Love and Mayhem takes the reader into the whole setting. Ms. Snyder draws believable characters into a story like a huge painting. Franky and Belle each have their own obstacles as they struggle with their feelings. Ms. Snyder folds creativity, romance, and action into this book, making it a magnificent read.

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