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ISBN# (10)0-451-22417-5/(13)978-0-451-22417-0
August 5, 2008
New American Library (NAL) (Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014-3658
Trade Paperback
368 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Whitney Lee is one of a few Asian American girls at the law firm. Her boss feels they need more like her in the business. As much as her parents are proud of her work as a lawyer, her life long aspiration is to be a singer.

Hercules Huang is a successful Chinese chef in the south. She has just opened a restaurant, Dragonfly Deux.

Audrey Henley, a deeply tanned Korean young lady, is a well groomed heiress to a billion-dollar oil fortune.

Whitney has been at the firm for three years. If anyone had told her six years ago her life would be topsy-turvy, she would have dumped law school. On the other hand, it would have given her parents a heart attack. Whitney wants to sing more than anything but telling her parents her desire to become a singer, is a difficult decision. Good friends and co-Valedictorians, Hercules and Audrey meet with Whitney once a month. Audrey adores the food served in Hercules’ restaurant. She would love for Hercules to start a chain of the upscale comfort food. While Whitney keeps her secret from her parents about her longing to sing, Hercules and Audrey have their own dark secret. As they each gather to share insight with each other, will they muster up enough nerve to confess their deepest secret to each other then to their loved ones?

Off the Menu has some interesting points that I thought brought on good insight to the book. I like the way the three friends stay together through the toughest of times. It is often hard finding friends who will take time out of busy schedules to share inner thoughts. I felt the characters were believable in their actions. Christine Sun invites all women to share in a story about Asian-American women who go through many facets to try to fit in with America’s society. She shows them to be regular women with real problems. The emotions and charm in this story is beautifully told and highly entertaining.

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