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ISBN# 978-1-934041-67-3
January 2008
Swimming Kangaroo Books
1907 Green Apple Lane, Arlington, TX 76014
42 Pages
Children’s Picture
Rating: 4 Cups

Olive is excited to be heading to The Big Stream after graduating from Camp Tightloops. This is her first chance to catch a trout but she is not the only fly hoping to be the first.

Gilbert, a Gold-Ribbed Hair’s End, who met Olive at camp, is one of her best friends.

Olive cannot wait to arrive at The Big Stream. Just like some of the other flies inside the Fly Box, she wonders if the fish are big, friendly or hungry once they arrive. When they arrive, the flies are excited but Gilbert wonders are there even any fish in the stream. They each wait for their turn to be pulled from the Fly Box and catch the first fish. Things turn somber when it appears none of the lures can grab a fish. When they get back inside the Fly Box, a few argue how things should be done. Olive’s turn arises and as she is made ready to be cast into the stream, she finds herself up against a trout for the ride of her life. This is one ride she is determined to not allow the fish to win.

Once again Kirk Werner tells a beautiful story of fly-fishing. The illustrations are truly marvelous. Olive and the Big Stream is an enlightening tale that will make the heart leap with joy. I found myself sharing in the thrill with the other lures as they waited in anticipation to get their opportunity to try to catch the big one, and I know children will delight in this fantastic tale. Once again some of the lures are back that were in Olive the little Woolly Bugger, some being friends, others wishing to cause disturbance. I really love this book and believe others will benefit from it too.

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