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ISBN# 1-59426-462-7
July 2007
24 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Detective Paul Bentley is always on the move to catch the bad guy but he finds it hard to stay in a relationship with his wife, Kayla. After a brief separation he wants her back.

Kayla is a drug counselor. When Paul moves out and files for a separation, Kayla finds herself fighting insomnia.

Paul and Kayla have demanding jobs that inflict stress in their home lives. Kayla wishes Paul had thought before he filed for separation. She tells him that she does not live in a bubble. Their on again, off again relationship is not good. Paul grows tired of being on opposite sides with Kayla. He goes after the users and she tries to help them. It is a losing battle especially when he brings work home. Unless he can find a way to leave vice, there is no way he can save their marriage. After a year of separation, Kayla has become self-sufficient but she misses the closeness she shared with Paul. He wants to try again but Kayla does not know if she can forgive. It took two to bring their marriage down and will take two to rebuild it, if Kayla can put the past behind them.

A marriage in distress, and a husband wishing to make amends, makes the believable characters spring to life in On Again. I admired Paul the way he seeks to safeguard Kayla. Even though she wishes to help some of the users with drug problems, Paul wants to keep them off the streets. I could share in his logic. Jenna Allen pens a great plot, an interesting couple and learning to get past the heartache. By taking a deepening hurt and no communication, she shows how a relationship often sees past the hurt in this stirring read.

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