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ISBN#: 9781897445471
March 2008
Champagne Books
222 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Shauna Joyce has been an orphan since age 4. She grew up in Five Points House in New York, but in 1868 she along with many other orphans, boarded a train heading west. She dreamed of having a loving family and a big house, but the reality was not so bright.

Kane McKenna is an engineer. He loves the feeling of accomplishment after completing a bridge and seeing the finished product. His goal is to own his own construction company, and having a wife and family is not included in that dream.

Shauna is devastated at being left at the alter; not so much because her heart is broken, but because it was her one chance to get away from the Clevingers. They took her in many years ago when the train came through Indiana, but her dreams of a loving family evaporated very quickly when she became nothing more than the maid. Now they are ready to take in another orphan, and Shauna is determined to stop them from ruining another child’s dreams. However she must be married to even be considered as an adoptive parent, and finding a husband proves to be a bit of a challenge. The local bachelors are less than desirable, but the crew building the new covered bridge has some promise, especially their boss Kane McKenna. Now if she can just convince him to marry her. Kane is certain that Shauna is up to no good, but something about her twists his heart. Her spunky attitude and fighting spirit tug at a longing in him he thought long dead. Time is running out for Shauna to adopt the young orphan girl, and her only hope seems to be completely opposed to having a wife and family.

I cannot even imagine how terrified, but secretly hopeful those children must have been on that train. Ms. Gold tells this story with a depth of feeling that is uniquely her. Her characters and their circumstances feel as real as any account told in a non-fiction novel. Shauna and Kane are both wounded souls. Their pain and longing to be loved just comes pouring out, and will make you ache for them. Shauna and Kane are both in need of a family and someone to love; their story is one that you will not want to miss.

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