ISBN: Unavailable
November 2005
By Grace Publishing
E-Book/Trade Paperback/Deluxe Trade Paperback
154 Pages
Contemporary Christian Romance

Lauren’s new job is a dream come true at the retirement home. When she heads to her
car to find it has been broken into, she is crushed. After she discovers the culprit is a
fourteen-year-old, it only makes matters worse. The teenager has a dad who sends
shivers of heat all through her body, but is she willing to help this family?

Craig is disappointed with his first encounter with Lauren. Years ago he decided to
ward off any women and just take the lone road with his daughter Zoey. When Zoey is
caught with Lauren’s goods, the judge sentences her to work at the retirement home. As
time passes, Craig sees an incredible change in Zoey, and more time well spent with
Lauren. He wonders if this is a good thing. Only time will tell and perhaps a small

This is a book that everyone should read, especially teenagers. It is filled with romance
and the story of a father’s love for his daughter as he learns to raise her alone. I loved
the story line and the characters were truly believable. The growing friendship and
relationship with Lauren and Craig was well worth the read. And to mix a teenage
daughter that needs guidance made the story even better.   

Ms. Chapman writes from the heart. Her style of writing has you asking for more all the
way to the last page. I did not want this story to end. Everything blended in so well that I
wish I could have given it a higher rating. A story with this magnitude needs to be on the
New York Times list. It touched my heart in many ways. You will need tissues, but it is a
feel-good feeling that will warm your insides.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance