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ISBN# (10): 0-352-34163-7/(13): 978-0-352-34163-1
March 4, 2008
Black Lace (Virgin Books)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
$7.99 U.S./$8.99 Canada
239 Pages
Erotic Romance/Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Kelley is finding it difficult to get over her ex, Michael. It is something that troubles deep into her soul. As she checks on a friend’s house she is house-sitting, she meets a mysterious stranger that offers to help release her tormented pain.

Tom happens to be a hunting friend of Ronnie, the person who asked Kelley to house-sit for him. He hides in the shadows while she feeds the dogs and looks the place over. After Tom is discovered, he sets out to fulfill the need Kelley desperately craves.

Kelley is surprised to find another man at Ronnie’s place. At first his presence disturbs her, not realizing that Ronnie even had a hunting friend, yet she really shows no fear. Since the breakup with Michael, real fear does not seem to bother her. Tom suspects she is holding something inside, a baggage that needs to be opened. He gets her to share the relationship she and Michael had to release the ache inside her heart. Tom and Kelley embark on some wild, intense sexual passions that explore the very core of their being. Kelley is surprised that Tom takes her to places Michael only dreamt. With each day, the strong obedience, and dominion, Kelley shares with Tom, draws them into a relationship making Kelley wonder if they can share a common trust in their domination.

One Breath At A Time is fiery hot. Kelley and Tom do not wait long before the match is struck and they are blazing the pages. Not only are Kelley and Tom refreshing but their characters soon grow on the reader. I was kept wondering about Michael and his involvement should he return and sweep Kelley away from Tom, leaving Tom in the cold, or had Kelley finally found someone truly worthy of her love. It was a page-turner that kept my curiosity piqued. Gwen Masters creates a steamy, erotic romance that burns the fingertips, it is so sexually hot. Explicit sexual sensations heat this tale with an encounter of a ménage a trois scorching the pages further.

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