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ISBN# (10)0-312-94103-X /(13)978-0-312-94103-1
December 1, 2007
St. Martin’s Press
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
352 Pages
Historical Regency Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Malone survives by being a con artist and thief. On the side, she reads tarot cards, even though she disbelieves anything that pertains to the paranormal. It still provides a living for her as she scams those that come for a reading.

Gian Urbano is in search of a mystical stone that can either drain a vampire’s power or drive a human to pure madness. When he observes Kate in a parlor room in one of her readings, he believes she is a fraud and sets out to challenge her.

Kate may spend her living reading Tarot cards and fleeing society’s elite but when she has a vision of an emerald and then finds it in her possession, it appears her luck may have changed. She may have a way now to get that cottage she has always wanted. Unfortunately, Gian may put a stop to her plans if he turns her over to the authorities. The emerald is quite hypnotizing and she wonders if it might be connected to Gian. Whoever the stone belongs to, Kate learns someone wishes its return and will go to desperate measures to regain it. Gian is certain that Kate stole the gem, but he will buy it from her. Kate is surprised when another caller wishes it, but does not offer her money, instead will kill for it, if necessary. When Gian hears she may be in danger, he jumps in and offers her protection. She is not sure she wishes the arrogant gigolo, to protect her. As much as they dislike each other, a blazing passion soon ensues between them that is hard to put out.

Whew, what an intriguing read. One With The Shadows is a page-turner. Kate is a strong character who stands her ground with Gian. I love the way they have this love hate attitude that only makes their chemistry stronger. When Gian steps out of the darkness, I almost got chills down my spine. The way Kate never believed in love until she met Gian was expressed in a way one could feel her emotions. Susan Squires pens a fantastic read that spins with creativity. By giving her characters true realistic traits, the reader can share in the pain that they have been delivered in their lifetime. Readers will be captivated by this novel that Ms. Squires has beautifully penned.

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