ISBN: # 0973726199
August 2005
Champagne Books
Pages 172
Contemporary Romance

Kyra carries a gun for living. Paul is a suave political reporter attending parties and
social events. Who would think that the two would make a pair? Yet when she is sent to
locate the missing playboy who has been kidnapped, she had no idea there would be
some chemistry involved. When she and her partner set out on the mission, it was
supposed to be get in and get out with him in tow. Instead, her heart found something
else when she came in contact with this suave reporter. His blue eyes drew her in like a
magnet, but does she really want any part of this playboy?

Paul had no idea why he was being kidnapped. He ended up on the wrong side of drug
runners with no explanation. When two women save him, he is beside himself. Women
were sent to rescue him. He was truly amazed, more so by the one named Kyra.
Unfortunately, because of some article she has read about him in a rag magazine, he
can not even get to first base with her. But Paul is determined to win the love of his
secret agent.

What a delightful book! I love the banter between the two. And when they were
separated and Paul missed Kyra, I sighed. I loved the way Ms. Mennen made the
women characters strong yet tender as well. The part about the roses was a very
touching scene with Kyra. It showed how Kyra could be tough when she needed to be
and sensitive as well; a woman in complete control.

Ms. Mennen writes with believability in her characters and story line. This was a truly
good book, both gripping and compelling, with edge-of-your-seat entertainment. It was
hard to put it down once I started reading. I look forward to reading more of her excellent

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance