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ISBN# 978-1-934614-08-2
December 2007
Calderwood Books
71 Pages
YA Inspirational
Rating: 3 Cups

Cassandra Wintergreen, Cassie, fears going to high school. Her one objective is to be a writer. When she spends a day at a fair, it is the best day she has had in a long time.

Philomena, Meena, is the daughter of a belly-dancer. She desires to dance, too, when she gets older, as well as be a reporter who gets to do some adventurous traveling.

Cassie has just turned thirteen and already is facing a dilemma. There is a possibility she may have to go to her grandmothers and go to school in the city. When she goes to the weekly market with her family, she is happy to meet Marisol, a fortune teller, when she goes inside the pink tent. Cassie learns some fun things that morning and finds Marisol interesting. Marisol sees magic and a new opportunity in the future for Cassie. After leaving the tent, Cassie meets Meena and they become instant friends, realizing they have so much in common. Cassie wants to be a writer; while Meena wants to be a reporter. As the days continue to pass, doors begin opening for Cassie she never imagined.

I thought this was a delightful read. I love Cassie. As I read about her activities, there were pieces that reminded me of many things in my life growing up. I believe in some way all of us have a bit of Cassie in us, who in some way, or another have experienced some of the downfall moments she experiences. Ellie Royce spins a clever read that brings a huge message. I believe this young adult inspirational is uplifting for any age. It is really a great read. Take a break and enjoy or share along with your children.

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