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ISBN: 978-1-60088-236-4
March 21, 2008
Cobblestone Press, LLC
175 Pages
Vampire / Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Helene Du Solaire is now the Maitri, honored priestess, and guardian of the Veil. Her life of being overly protected, and shielded from humanity has finally come to an end. Now she is bathed in a love so fierce, that nothing can ever tear her away from Devon.

Detective Devon Harrigan has always considered himself a soulless shell of a man. His undeath stripped him of that over five hundred years ago, but now so much has changed. Helene came into his life, and although he may never bask in the sunlight, her glow brightens his days beyond measure.

Helene and Devon live each day knowing that the dark side of the Veil may once again invade their lives. They fear that the creator Aedius Quintin is not dead, but just biding his time until he is ready for another strike. Their worst fears are realized when Helene is literally sucked into a void, and left for dead in the otherworld. Devon never knew true despair until the day Helene was ripped from his life. Now he must grovel and beg at the feet of his Dam if he is to ever rescue Helene from the Veil. But nothing can prepare him for the utter Hell that he will face in the Veil. His every nightmare comes to life, and he only prays that he is strong enough to face them.

This story takes you out of reality, and into the most horrific never ending nightmare you can imagine. Each one is worse than the last, and just a thought away. What an amazing concept for a story, and believe me, Ms. Fowler does not disappoint. The range and diversity of her characters is fantastic, and the sheer intensity of the story leaves you on the edge of your seat. This is number two in a must read series.

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