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ISBN: 978-0-9787421-3-3
March 2007
Dragonfly Publishing Inc.
2440 Twin Ridge Drive, Edmond, OK  73034-1934
E-Book / Print
116 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Megan’s Window

Carol Langston is the wife of the up and coming Hal Langston. His bid for the U.S. Senate has finally shown Carol his true colors. His belief in the creation of the Perfect Society has put their three-year old daughter Megan at risk. Megan’s visions of a future world lead Hal to believe that she is imperfect and therefore dispensable. Carol must make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure her daughters’ safety as well as the fate of the world.

Carol fights to hold on to her daughter as any mother would, and it makes her character very believable. Hal, like many misguided zealots, believes in only his way of thinking. That is what makes this story so very real, and scary.

The Ghost and Ms. Ferguson

Patty Ferguson was refurbishing her home when she got an unexpected visitor. She felt a presence in her home, and was sure she saw a woman on different occasions. She enlisted the help of an old friend Sam Wilson, and felt a connection to him right away. Together they tried to figure out the mystery of Myra Grayson’s ghost.

The characters of Patty and Sam were endearing and fun. They both had flaws and were not ashamed to show them, and the cat Pudge just made the story more entertaining with his snooty cat attitude. This story is lighthearted and fun to read.

Paper Angels

Julie had to get away from Eddie Baxter’s fists; she only wished she could take Mikey with her. She knew that she was too young to take care of Mikey, but that did not make leaving him any easier. She was helped along the way by three people, and found that she did indeed have a guardian angel.

Julies’ situation is very real and heart breaking; it makes her character come to life. You can feel her pain and hopelessness. This story is inspiring and well told. The true Christmas spirit shines through in the end.

Shadow Lady

Alana Stottbridge aka Laney was looking at herself in the mirror, not her reflection, but literally herself. The mirror shimmered then Alana reached out and pulled Laney through the mirror and into her room. Once the initial shock wore off, they found an inner strength they did not know existed. Laney proved to Alana that she could be independent of George and live her own life.

Sometimes we all need to take a good hard look at ourselves; Alana and Laney do just that. The trick is to listen to our hearts and be true to who we really are. This story is a great example.

Faerie Tale

Laura Margaret Jennings, animal rights activist, was holding a demonstration outside of Mrs. Stuart’s shop. She was not prepared for the stranger that appeared on the platform alongside her. He was unlike anyone she had ever seen, and his presence was an omen of things to come. His people had had enough of the humans drain on Earth, and he was there to stop it. Laura soon became an activist to save the human race.

Laura was true to her beliefs. Her character was strong willed and pushed past her fears to do what was right. This story is unique and entertaining.

There is a moral too each story in this anthology. Ms. Gorgas has a great talent for putting a unique twist to her stories. She infuses heart and feeling into every page. They make you feel happiness, sadness, and anger towards the characters and the situations they are involved in. I recommend these stories to anyone who wants a little inspiration in their life.

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